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Our History
High Hope International Inc. is a company with a long history in the area of vacuum products .Our company has been one of the leading manufacturer, supplier of electron tubes, vacuum tube triode, audio tube, vacuum capacitors, vacuum relays, Vacuum Capacitor in China. We have extensive business relations with domestic and foreign customers in the field of vacuum components. Our electron tube products range from power grid triode, tetrode, pentode to receiving tubes, thyratron, magnetron TWT and X-ray tubes.

As a professional vacuum tube products enterprises, the company has a strong vacuum technology and management ability, has repeatedly helped the relevant manufacturers to solve the relevant technical problems, develop new products, improve the management level. Also has repeatedly introduced advanced technology and management experts for manufacturers to solve technical difficulties, improve product quality. In order to improve the domestic electron tube products in the world market share to make due contribution.

Our Factory
The factory of HIGHHOPE has a history of producing vacuum tube products for more than 30 years, and has a history of cooperation with US company, There are many vacuum tube product lines, and we have a full set of process equipment and technical personnel for electric vacuum production, from hydrogen furnace, vacuum furnace, to vacuum exhaust station , testing station ,aging , electroplating and so on.

Product Application
The products are widely used in industrial heating, medical devices, radio and television, aviation, communications and military fields. Products are exported to all over the world and widely welcomed by customers from all over the world.

Our Certificate
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has been praised as China's export leading index sample enterprises by the General Administration of Customs.

Production Equipment
At present, the factory has hydrogen furnace, vacuum furnace and other process equipment, can meet the vacuum exhaust, testing, aging , electroplating and other stages of the process.

Production Market
Wide range of products, favored by customers all over the world. Among them, the European and American markets occupy a dominant position, which can reach more than 90%.

Our service
Pre-sale service: THE technical staff will provide the company profile, qualification and technical consulting service to the customer according to the customer's inquiry information. Recommend corresponding products according to customer needs. If there are special requirements, the company can provide customized products, design, trial production and so on according to product requirements.

In-sale service: mainly supervise and supervise the production process of products according to customers' needs to ensure that the produced products meet the requirements.

After-sales service: First of all, in accordance with the way of receiving goods from customers, the goods will be delivered to customers accurately. The second is to provide customers with technical support for the product. Finally, within the warranty period, if the product itself has quality problems, according to the actual situation to carry out the "three guarantees" service.

Cooperative Case
MKS was founded in 1961, headquartered in Wilmington, north of Boston in the east of the United States. Its products are widely used in the production of various semiconductor devices, flat panel display, optical storage media, glass coating, photoelectric products and other production equipment and pharmaceutical and medical imaging equipment. We have cooperated with them for many years, supplying of MRI PA and IPA power tubes.

Our Exhibition
① 2022.7 Online Exhibition
② 2015.8 Russia

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