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Magnetron Tube

Shop online for HIGHHOPE® Magnetron Tube from our factory. Our factory is called HIGH HOPE INTERNATIONAL INC that is one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. The HIGHHOPE® Magnetron Tube is a vacuum device used to generate microwave energy. It is a diode placed in a constant magnetic field. Under the control of the perpendicular to each other and the constant electric field, the electrons in the tube interact with the high -frequency electromagnetic field to transform the energy from the constant electric field into a microwave energy, thereby achieving the purpose of generating microwave energy. Widely used for radar generators.
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High Hope is one of the professional China Magnetron Tube manufacturers and suppliers, we have accumulated rich experience and we will continue to work hard. Magnetron Tube made in China is not only of high quality, but also best selling. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!