Application of Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/9/100


Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/9/100 is a variable vacuum capacitor commonly used in radio frequency tuning and matching circuits. It has the following characteristics:

Adjustable capacity: This type of capacitor has an adjustable capacity range. By adjusting the mechanical structure of the capacitor, the capacitance value of the capacitor can be changed, thereby adjusting the resonant frequency of the circuit or matching the impedance of the circuit.

High Voltage Capability: CKTB500/9/100 capacitors are designed to withstand higher voltages. This makes it useful in high power radio frequency applications such as broadcast transmitters, communications equipment and radar systems.

Vacuum Encapsulation: This capacitor uses vacuum encapsulation technology, which enables it to operate stably under high frequency and high power conditions. The vacuum environment can prevent gas discharge and dielectric breakdown inside the capacitor, ensuring the performance and reliability of the capacitor.

Wide application: Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/9/100 is widely used in various radio frequency tuning and matching circuits, including antenna tuners, antenna matching networks, radio transmitters and receivers, etc. They are also used in scientific research, medical imaging equipment and industrial heating systems.

In summary, the Variable Vacuum Capacitor CKTB500/9/100 is a powerful variable vacuum capacitor for radio frequency applications requiring adjustable capacity and high voltage capability.